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Apart from providing some new experimental data the paper reviews previous investigations concerning fluctuating lift acting on a stationary circular cylinder in cross-flow. In particular, effects of Reynolds number in the nominal case of an infinitely long and nonconfined cylinder in a smooth oncoming flow are discussed. The Reynolds number range covered is from about Re=47 to 2×10 5 , ., from the onset of vortex shedding up to the end of the subcritical regime. At the beginning of the subcritical regime (Re≃×10 3 ) a spanwise correlation length of about 30 cylinder diameters is indicated, the correlation function being based on near-cylinder velocity fluctuations in outer parts of the separated shear layer. In between Reynolds numbers ×10 3 and 20×10 3 , an approximate 10-fold increase in the sectional . lift coefficient is indicated. This range contains a fundamental change-over from one flow state to another, starting off at Re≃5×10 3 and seemingly fully developed at Re≃8×10 3 .

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C-Fluid & Son King SizeC-Fluid & Son King SizeC-Fluid & Son King SizeC-Fluid & Son King Size