Kane pour wasp in the silver orbit stream

Although many dead comic book characters are resurrected, some are not. Usually, characters associated with a major character's origin story (. Spider-Man's Uncle Ben , Doctor Abraham Erskine , Ho Yinsen , Abin Sur , or Batman's mother and father ), or those whose deaths significantly alter the development of a major character (. Gwen Stacy , or Karen Page ), remain dead. Additionally, although many stories continue to be written about them, certain period characters are typically presumed dead (at least from natural causes if nothing else) for purposes of contemporary status, even if their final fates are not depicted in a story (. Rawhide Kid and other characters active in the 19th century Wild West ). Sometimes a character remains dead simply because a successor has assumed an updated version of his or her costumed identity, making a return by the first generation character absurd (. Baron Zemo or Foolkiller ). Some dead characters have fallen out of relevance to modern audiences, which effectively prohibits their return (. certain characters from the Golden and Silver Age of Comic Books . Characters who no longer fit current standards of political correctness also often fall into this category.). Death is also a convienent method of closure for characters who can no longer be used due to licensing restrictions, copyright, or other issues of ownership. Lastly, from time to time, superheroes or other comics characters, judged by their creators to have served their dramatic purposes, remain dead because their stories are considered over.

Kane Pour Wasp In The Silver Orbit StreamKane Pour Wasp In The Silver Orbit StreamKane Pour Wasp In The Silver Orbit StreamKane Pour Wasp In The Silver Orbit Stream