Moondog - moondog big band

Stop anyone on the street and they’ll be able to rattle off their favorite animated films. Which is why we consider ourselves so lucky to be able to work on them. Feature-length productions are gargantuan undertakings that tap every last bit of our collective experience. The technical challenges and late night work sessions push us to the limit. But don’t let that fool you, we love it with a passion.

Born to an Episcopalian family in Marysville , Kansas, Hardin started playing a set of drums that he made from a cardboard box at the age of five. His family relocated to Wyoming and his father opened a trading post at Fort Bridger . He attended school in a couple of small towns. At one point, his father took him to an Arapaho Sun Dance where he sat on the lap of Chief Yellow Calf and played a tom-tom made from buffalo skin.

Moondog - Moondog Big BandMoondog - Moondog Big BandMoondog - Moondog Big BandMoondog - Moondog Big Band