Bill spoon - i can't wait

I can't take any longer baby I mean I can't wait any longer
Mhm I gotta have you I gotta know how it is to touch you
To hold you to feel you our lives have touched our minds have touched
And I can't wait any longer for our boddies to touch our souls to touch
I can't wait any longer this feelin's gettin' stronger
Satisfy my hunger you're the only one who can
Where do I have to go what do I have to do
Who do I have to lie to so I can lie with you I can't wait any longer

Patience has never been one of my virtues baby when I want something I want it now
And I want you now I wanna kiss you now I wanna love you now
I can't wait any longer...
(I can't wait I can't wait doo doo doo) baby I can't wait any longer
I want you now hmm now yeah (I can't wait I can't wait...)

In Dragonshy , Angel is seen in the opening happily eating a carrot until Fluttershy comes about and warns him to not eat too fast. He then refuses to eat at all and later shows Fluttershy a big black cloud in the distance. Later, when Spike announces that he will look after Fluttershy's animal friends, Angel hops on Spike's head and stomps furiously. This causes Spike to flinch and have all the animals around him scurry away. At the end of the episode, Spike catches Angel just to drop him on his head to make a note to Princess Celestia .

Bill Spoon - I Can't WaitBill Spoon - I Can't WaitBill Spoon - I Can't WaitBill Spoon - I Can't Wait