Memory cassette calls & responses

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The article mentions some products which Kevin has sold which have not lived up to their promises. In particular, Mega Speed Reading is mentioned: The author of the article bought it, tried it out, and concluded that it didn’t increase her reading speed at all. I have not sat down myself to do a deliberate, patient effort to try speed reading, but the author’s conclusion is consistent with what I know. I am a bit skeptical about speed reading. (My own thoughts about speed reading (or reading too slowly) appear onĀ  another page .)

You can even be in a different room and direct her over the phone. And yet, when you come back into the room, you can still discover her secret word or drawing! Very Very Easy to do. STEAM is basically self-working. No carbon copies. No electronics. Special blank business card stock stays completely blank on the back after writing. No one can see through the back of the card. You never have to "peek" the card. Turn your back to the spectator or be out of the room while she writes and covers her word. 5 second reset. Adapt to your own Sharpie. Completely self contained. Nothing to secretly load, switch or ditch. Everything can be examined. Note: The bonus bills did not come with this trick.  LN $ $ $ MT52996 ENVY LOPE - RED - DVD & GIMMICK
A full deck VISUALLY MORPHS into an envelope containing THEIR signed card! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. A lonely lost card is about to appear in an envelope in your pocket when BAM the FULL DECK VISUALLY MORPHS into the ENVELOPE in your hand Both sides of the envelope are IMMEDIATELY and CLEANLY displayed. There is nothing else in your hands. The deck has VANISHED! Only the envelope remains in your hands. Your spectator now reaches into the envelope and pulls out THEIR signed card! And if you don't want to use a chosen card… BRANDON DAVIS/CHRIS TURCHI
The ENVYLOPE Morph is completely self-contained. Nothing to add or steal. Option to start with your normal deck and perform ENVYLOPE any time. Easy, no-moves handling to give out the envelope for examination (although it's really not needed). Re-sets in Seconds. Perform Surrounded. ENVYLOPE comes complete with DVD, sturdy, easy-to-handle, long lasting gimmick and normal envelope. LN $ $ $ MT52995 TRIPLE IMPACT - & DVD
Triple Impact will totally blow your spectators away with an impossible triple prediction that is soooo clean your spectators will question their own free will! Imagine the following. A spectator cleanly selects 3 cards from a red deck and places them in to 3 separate pockets of his choice. With no fishing or funny moves the magician/mind reading guru reaches into his top pocket and removes a blue backed prediction card, your spectator removes the red back card, which he freely placed in to his top pocket, and they match! (same card, same pocket). The magician now removes a card from his right hand pocket, the spectator does the same and they match (same card, same pocket, and remember the magician removes his prediction first so it is in full view). The tension is building as the magician reaches in to his left hand pocket and removes a card the card is shown and yes it matches the spectator's card (once again same card, same pocket). Your audience will truly believe that the future is in your control. This is a self-working masterpiece in mental magic. * No Sleight Of Hand. * Easy To Do. * Only one prediction card is in cach pocket. Your pockets may be freely shown empty after each prediction card is removed. * Nothing added or taken away from the pockets or the deck at any time. * No Palming. * No Rough and Smooth. * The Predictions are in your pocket before you start. * Easily reset and extremely practical. MATT ELLISON

Washburn reports that the ship's antimatter stores have somehow been deactivated, and Kirk asks Scott if a "general energy dampening field" could be responsible for that, as well as the subspace interference. Scott agrees that it's possible, but doesn't know of anything that could generate such a field.

I've been playing around with MMSSTV for a bit, and I managed to work out that 'headphone output' mode on a netbook (if it is equipped with sound card management software provided by the sound card manufacturer) is not at all suitable for the transmission of images over audio. You should choose 'speaker output' mode if you are using this to send images via MMSSTV from a netbook's headphone port to a PC's mic input. PC speaker out > netbook mic in works fine. Just watch out when it's the reverse... otherwise your picture will be severely distorted...

Memory Cassette Calls & ResponsesMemory Cassette Calls & ResponsesMemory Cassette Calls & ResponsesMemory Cassette Calls & Responses