Eddy kin atomized / laisse moi

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Describing that process, Sri Patanjali necessarily starts at the beginning, addressing how egoic consciousness operating in that reduced, limited, and distorted mindset (citta-vrtti) of the small "self" (ego), has become programmed and habituated. In the context of the egoic/limited mindset, then the great innate evolutionary potential that is our natural birthright, has become obstructed, blocked, repressed, hindered, corrupted, distorted, modified, fragmented, veiled, separated, disconnected, interrupted, disrupted, and/or made discontinuous through unnatural conditioning, but not irreversibly so. Hence, our true universal evolutionary nature although being locked up within the limited confines, prisons, and confusion of the conditioned individual "mind-field" (citta-vrtti), becomes liberated through yogic practices/exercises that break up these artificially produced mental, energetic, and physical propensities.