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A commonly ignored reference source for many words and expressions origins - especially for common cliches that are not listed in slang and expressions dictionaries - is simply to  use an ordinary decent English dictionary  (Oxford English Dictionary or Websters, etc), which will provide origins for most words and many related phrases (see the  'strong relief' example  below).

Tony Hawk was born on May 12, 1968 in Carlsbad, California , to Nancy and Frank Peter Rupert Hawk, and was raised in San Diego, California . [6] [7] When Hawk was young, he was described as being " hyperactive ," [7] and his mother says that he was "so hard on himself and expected himself to do so many things." [4] One time, Hawk struck out in baseball and was so distraught that he hid in a ravine and had to be "physically coaxed out" by his father. His frustration with himself was so harsh that his parents had him psychologically evaluated at school. The results were that Tony was "gifted," he tested with an . of 144, [8] and school advisers recommended placing him in advanced classes. [4] Hawk attended Jean Farb Middle School from 1980 to 1981, and eventually returned for the show, Homecoming with Rick Reilly , where he set up a ramp and did a demonstration.

Not included are gay porn, movies about lesbians (.,
"Silkwood", "Desert Hearts", "I've Heard the Mermaids
Singing", and the more recent silly spoof of gay deprogramming
"But I'm a Cheerleader"), campy and/or homoerotic cult films
with male or female gay icons lacking explicit gay content
(., "The Women", "Auntie Mame", "Mommie Dearest", most John
Waters' films, Steve Reeves' "sword and sandal" films), or
movies in which transsexuals or transvestites are used as a
plot device with little reference to homosexuality (.,
"Glen or Glenda?", "Some Like It Hot", "Tootsie", "Mrs.
Doubtfire", "Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean", "The
World According to Garp", "Crying Game" and even "Different
for Girls"). Drag queens are, however, well represented by
such films as "The Adventures of Priscilla ...", "To Wong Foo
." and "Torch Song Trilogy". Also omitted are movies in
which the gay element although important is largely
suppressed, ., "Suddenly Last Summer", "Cat on a Hot Tin
Roof", "The Servant", as are films in which the gay element
is subordinate to some other subject such as murder, .,
"Rope", "Swoon", and "Compulsion"; again, there are exceptions
such as "Cruising" (a controversial film deserving of
reappraisal) and "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil".

Frank Bacon / The Ravers - Sheila / Let's DanceFrank Bacon / The Ravers - Sheila / Let's DanceFrank Bacon / The Ravers - Sheila / Let's DanceFrank Bacon / The Ravers - Sheila / Let's Dance