The latin dogs warning!

Black dogs are generally regarded as sinister or malevolent, and a few (such as the Barghest and Shuck) are said to be directly harmful. They may also serve as familiar spirits for witches and warlocks. [9] Some black dogs, however, such as the Gurt Dog in Somerset [10] and the Black Dog of the Hanging Hills in Connecticut , [11] are said to behave benevolently. Some, known as guardian black dogs, guide travellers at night onto the right path or guard them from danger. [12] [9]

late 14c., epatike , from Old French hepatique or directly from Latin hepaticus "pertaining to the liver," from Greek hepatikos , from hepar (genitive hepatos ) "liver" (see hepatitis ). As a noun, "medicine for the liver," from late 15c.

The Latin Dogs Warning!The Latin Dogs Warning!The Latin Dogs Warning!The Latin Dogs Warning!