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“I recall Lance saying words to the effect of, ‘Who does Greg think he is, talking about Ferrari? I’m going to take him down,’ ” Andreu says in the affidavit. “During this conversation, Lance never denied or disputed performance-enhancing drugs but criticized LeMond for criticizing him.”

That summer, LeMond has said, Armstrong told him during a telephone conversation that he could find 10 people who would vow that LeMond — recognized as the only American to win the Tour de France, now that Armstrong and Floyd Landis have been stripped of their titles because of doping — had used EPO. He received calls from associates who warned him not to further cross Armstrong.

Even more frightening, LeMond’s wife Kathy has said, was Armstrong’s offer to pay $300,000 to one of her husband’s former teammates to claim that he had seen LeMond use the oxygen-boosting drug. The teammate declined the offer.

“It shows how desperate Lance was,” Kathy LeMond says. “It is a huge example of what a bully Lance Armstrong is. He crosses lines no others will cross.”

LeMond reportedly issued an apology for his comments about Armstrong and Ferrari a month after Walsh’s article was published, but his wife told The News last week that the apology was written and released by Trek Bicycle, the company that had manufactured LeMond bicycles since the 1990s but was also a premier Armstrong sponsor. LeMond has alleged that Armstrong pressured Trek president John Burke to muzzle him. LeMond sued Trek in 2008 for breach-of-contract, and Trek countersued. The litigation was ultimately settled out of court.

Kathy LeMond says her family is gratified that USADA has vindicated Greg with its exhaustive report detailing Armstrong’s sophisticated doping scheme, but they are disappointed that so many people who knew the truth remained silent while Armstrong and his camp retaliated against her husband.

“These people who came forward and acknowledged that they doped are getting this forgiveness for telling the truth, but it is easy to tell the truth now,” she says. “Where were they when Lance was threatening Greg?

She calls Frankie Andreu “extraordinary” because he acknowledged he used drugs years ago and refused to toe Armstrong’s line. “I am very impressed with Frankie and Betsy,” she says. “They are ballsy people.”

“There is no joy in this for us,” adds Kathy LeMond. “It is sad that this sport has been taken to this low of a level. There were hundreds of people who turned a blind eye.”

Betsy Andreu woke up to a pair of disturbing voicemails in the spring of 2008. The messages were from Stephanie McIlvain, a close friend of Armstrong’s who worked for one of his sponsors, the Oakley eyewear company.

Abusive and histrionic, tapes of the voicemails were the culmination of years of threats and intimidation tactics Armstrong had used against the Andreus.

“I hope somebody breaks a baseball bat over your head,” McIlvain tells Andreu in the first message. “I also hope that one day you have adversity in your life and you have some type of tragedy that will definitely make an impact on you.”

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Frankie Paul / Determine Crush On You / Never Fail IFrankie Paul / Determine Crush On You / Never Fail IFrankie Paul / Determine Crush On You / Never Fail IFrankie Paul / Determine Crush On You / Never Fail I